Top 3 places to adopt a pet when looking online

Top 3 places to find and adopt dogs

As we all know, finding the right breed of dog that fits your lifestyle can be a very intricate process, consisting of hours upon hours of research and seemingly endless discussions with one’s family. One of the most important aspects of selecting which furry friend you will bring into the household is being conscious of your financial situation. Theoretically, with enough money, almost any dog can be purchased and placed in an ideal living situation; However, not everyone can afford a purely bred canine, nor can they afford to sustain the lifestyle of a more demanding breed. Aside from the financial portion of bringing a pet into the household, adoption of rescue animals is a much more humane alternative to selective breeding for a specific puppy. Many of the animals that you may find on adoption websites are in dire need of a new home, often finding themselves in a life or death situation.

Local animal shelter (aka- the pound), and Nearby Humane Society Center

Almost every large city in the United States has an animal shelter, if not multiple. These locations offer temporary housing to less fortunate animals, who have been neglected and abandoned in the past. One of the benefits of adopting an animal shelter is that the workers are required to provide you with all they know regarding the dog in question, whereas other websites may not list everything. For example, shelters often list the previous living conditions if available, aggression levels, age, health information, and breed. The two biggest reasons for why we highly advise anyone looking for a pet to check out their local animal shelter are as follows. Primarily, many animals at shelters will be euthanized (put down) if not adopted in a certain amount of time, which means that they are in desperate need of a home. Secondly, adoption is a very inexpensive option (could be as low as $50 dollars according to an article by animal expert Ashley Davidson at  in comparison to outright purchasing a new animal. 

The only issue with this however, is that because of how busy these organizations are, their websites may be difficult to navigate and likely require you to visit in person. 

The website “Adopt a pet” is a very optimal way of finding a dog to rescue, with there being multiple filters to make searching for your ideal fur baby significantly easier. Some of these filters include, area limitations, breed, age, color, sex, size, and other additional details. The website is also very easy to navigate, and free to use! Another benefit of this website is that it works closely with animal shelters all over the country in order to find homes for as many animals as possible.

“” has the most family friendly, easy to navigate interface among all adoption and rescue websites. This website provides numerous filters to help you find an animal (not limited to just dogs and cats!) from one of the 11,500 nation-wide shelters in its network. Along with the extensive amount of information provided at face value, the website also provides free articles regarding adoption and animal care.