3 MOST FUN Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

As a kid, everyone loves their birthday… I mean, it is the one day of the year that everything is actually about YOU. The warm feeling of receiving attention, the excitement you get when opening your presents, the happiness one feels while their company sings them happy birthday, these are all emotions that everyone deserves to experience, and not just people either. Here are three PAWFECT ways that you can celebrate your dog’s special day.

  1. Doggy Day Out

    One way to bring fun and variety to your dog’s birthday is to take them on a drive to the places they love. You could take them to the dog park to socialize, on a walk in nature, or a big store that allows animals… practically anything that allows for them to release some of that pent up energy. After they eventually tire out and require a refresher, hit a drive through on your way back home and get a pup cup! Dairy Queen, Starbucks, Sonic, Scooters, and many more places offer yummy treats for your furry friend. 

  1. Doggy Play Date

    If your dog is a social individual, this is a great option to keep them busy on their birthday! Invite one of your other paw parents and their fur baby over for a nice day of fun and games. Set up toys and activities and let them go crazy (under supervision). However, be sure both your pup and their friend are properly trained before doing this.

  1. Pawsome Party

    Who doesn’t love a party? Put up some decorations, invite your favorite people and pups, and make your furry friend feel like the only dog in the entire world. Gifts, decorations, and more can be purchased at houseoffurbaby.com. You can have your pup unwrap  their presents as long as they are properly supervised. (Tip: Sneaking some dog treats or food into the wrapping paper will incentivize your pet to unwrap it!)