We’re Seeing RED…thanks to Vogue!


As spring blooms with vibrant colors and renewed energy, fashion-forward dog owners are eager to update their furry companions' wardrobes with the latest trends. This season, Vogue Magazine's color of spring, red. Introducing the top-quality pieces from House of Furbaby, ready to create bold  looks to keep your beloved furbaby feeling rosey!

Red, with its inherent power and passion, perfectly complements the lively spirit of spring. From cherry hues to deep crimson tones, this vibrant shade ignites excitement and exudes confidence, making it an ideal choice for stylish pups looking to make a statement.

Picture, a red leather collar, reminiscent of classic Hollywood glamour, personalized with your pup’s name, adorning them on a leisurely stroll through the park. The bold silhouette and striking color instantly elevate the furbaby’s look, turning heads and capturing attention wherever they go.

For a more casual yet equally chic ensemble, consider a comfy red tee, adorned your furbaby’s name or favorite pattern. Add another level of luxury with our new, red velvet tee


Treat your furbaby to a fancy fit and style them in rich, red satin dress. We proudly offer a wide rage of sizing, available from 3-120 lbs. See sizing charts on individual product listings for best fit tips. 



As we embrace the vibrant energy of spring and celebrate Vogue’s color of the season, let us not forget our loyal companions who deserve to strut their stuff in style. With a dash of red and a sprinkle of fashion flair, our furbaby friends are ready to conquer the Spring season in impeccable style!