Two War Dog Memorial Stories

Dogs have a history of being mans best friend, and because of that, they have been included in even the most dangerous of missions. There are quite a few dogs that have served in the military, but here is a "tail" of one true fur hero- Sergeant Stubby. Out of all dogs that have served in the military, he is the first one that is mentioned because of his acute awareness of poison gas. He warned the troops around him who were all asleep of the incoming gas attack. He also was known for tracking down members that were injured or deceased. If you would like to read more about Sergeant Stubby, click here.

Our second military fur legend is small in size, and big in heart. Smoky was a Yorkshire Terrier that was only four pounds in total. She served during the time of World War II, where she lived in the New Guinea jungle and Rock Islands. Unlike other military dogs, she was not given any medical attention or a balanced diet. She never once had issues with sickness, even though she wasn't offered what other military dogs were. She survived 150 air raids during the time she was in New Guinea. She is known best for warning her owner Wynne that there was danger of a fire on a transportation ship. Wynne credited her with saving his life. Smoky saved around 250 military members by the end of her service. If you would like to read more about Smoky and Wynne, click here.

Thank you to all those military members, both human and animals, for military services. Not only for being selfless and leaving your comfort zone, but also to risk your life protecting the ones you love.


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