Best Dog Breeds for Babies

The 3 BEST Dog Breeds to Have Around Babies

Wtitten by Kael Laselva

When searching for a new pet as a parent, many factors must be taken into consideration, as to make the right choice regarding selecting a breed. One grave example being how well the animal in question behaves around babies and young children. Temperament, size, hostility, and other qualities all have to be taken into account in order to make the correct decision for one’s home and lifestyle. Almost any parent can agree that the safety of their baby is of the utmost priority, making the process of selecting the “right” family pet, a very stressful and difficult one. With that being said, the question of “what is the RIGHT breed of pet to have around children?” arises. Although there is no objectively correct answer to this question, there are some great options to choose from. As much as cats are beloved by most, they are often too delicate and unpredictable to be around small children, so the following list will focus on the 3 BEST Dog breeds to have around babies.

Golden Retriever 

The Golden Retriever is a medium/large breed of dog who is renowned for being very caring with babies and toddlers. Due to their very relaxed and calm temperament, they make exceptionally good family dogs, with the correct level of training applied. However, although the Golden seems like the perfect fur baby, an issue is seen in that very statement, relating to the word “fur”. This breed of canine sheds more than almost any other, making it a possible hazard for small children with allergies or breathing issues. 


Beagles are very friendly and playful pups, known for their docile nature and otherworldly patience. Even though they are a smaller breed of dog when compared to the Golden Retriever, they get along just as well with kids and babies. This breed has very short hairs, and they only shed a manageable amount of groomed properly, which places them above their golden peer on this list


The Newfoundland is a gentle giant, and the perfect dog to have around your children. On one hand, they are very nurturing and relaxed, and on the other, intimidating and protective. This breed is famous for its parental instincts, serving as both an amazing guard dog, and an exceptional nanny. The Newfoundland has very thick skin and a coarse coat of fur, making them a lot more tolerable of the pulling and occasional rough play of a toddler.