Benefits Of Dogs Around Babies

As a new mama with a little girl and a big fur baby life has been to say the least…chaotic. One thing before I had my daughter was learning about the many benefits of having my pup around her. There are many articles relating to how dogs are great for little ones as they are developing in life. One major key they do is help with raising serotonin and dopamine levels in humans but, babies that is crucial as they are learning constantly and navigating feelings and keeping them happy is key for learning. Dogs can sense these feelings therefore they feed off us as humans. At times you will see dogs lick babies faces and their rear ends it is only because they can see they are harmless and want to love on them but, also because their mothers did that to them when they were just pups.

  Dogs in general seek for a playmate and when a baby comes into the picture the dog will provide protection to the baby and as he/she gets older they both want to play (because that is how they learn) connecting their bond and making it even stronger. This also helps with a baby’s immune system and making them less likely to have allergies as the dogs bring dirt and microbes around them. So in these little bits of info it is okay to keep your fur babies around your human babies and in fact it’s a great idea to introduce them together and let them play together but, also to help your pup learn to be gentle around your baby and vice versa. Plus they make for cute pics as they grow together.