+++ Resting Grinch Face Dog Shirt ++++


We all have those days. It's a little easier to grimace than grin. This Resting Grinch Face says it all, for those times when your gramma shows up with a fruitcake, pinches your cheek, and asks why you don't smile more.


See size chart in pics. Sizes are suggested based on our historical customers

All pups are different. Please measure and compare to our size chart. 

XXS- fits very small dogs typically under 3 lbs

XS- fits very small dogs typically under 5 lbs
S- fits very small dogs typically 8-12 lbs
M- fits small dogs typically 10-15 lbs
L- fits small/medium dogs typically 12-20 lbs
XL- fits medium dogs typically 18-30 lbs
XXL- fits medium dogs typically 25-35 lbs
XXXL- fits medium/large dogs typically 30-50 lbs
4XL- fits large dogs typically 50-70 lbs

5XL- fits large dogs typically 70-90 lbs



Resting Grinch Face dog Shirt | Funny Dog shirt


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